Here’s a video of the one and only Tony McManus, playing the Odalisque prototype at the end of a long first day of Guitar Week at The Swanannoa Gathering 2013. Such an honor.



Here’s my friend, Al Petteway, playing my most recently completed Odalisque, up at Dream Guitars in Weaverville, NC. Thanks to Al and Paul Heumiller.


Here’s Paul Heumiller, owner of Dream Guitars playing the ziricote Odalisque. This is an exquisite piece that Paul wrote. Thanks so much, Paul!



Here’s a recording of my friend, Steve Karla, playing some beautiful gypsy-style swing on the Ziricote Odalisque. Thanks, Steve! 

click to play Karla Ziricote Odalisque



Here’s a fun video I made of my simple Chladni setup, which is a way of visualizing how the top of the guitar responds to a sweeping tone generator. It provides a visual reference of the frequencies (pitches) to which the different parts of the guitar are tuned. Sounds like I had a bad cold…