Owner Feedback

Here are some comments from Mountain Song guitar owners:


“Hi Ken, just wanted to share some of my impressions on playing the Odalisque after I purchased it two and a half weeks ago. First off, when I played it those couple of times before I bought it, I mostly was listening to the wonderful tone and how comfortable it felt to play. I didn’t take as much time visually admiring it. When I took it home, I realized how beautiful it is. The walnut back reminds me of pine boughs on a large tree from a distance as they feather gracefully down each side from the center. The Carpathian top is gorgeous. The carved bridge is special as is the heel. The whole shape of the guitar is beautiful, actually one of the most beautiful guitars I’ve seen. The neck, front plate, all so pleasing (really I could name everything: binding, rosette,purfling,etc.)

Now, how it sounds. I was particularly drawn to the Odalisque by how balanced all the strings were, and how beautiful, strong and clear the trebles sounded. At first I thought it was more quiet than my other guitars ( Tippin, Ryan, Petros, Keller), but in the last week, all the strings have become deeper, stronger and more full. Amazing, just in two weeks! Plus, it has the sweetest sound of any of my guitars, in standard or open tunings. I love playing it. It also sounds great mic’d with one of my condenser mics, or with the McIntyre Feather pickup you installed for me. One more thing, this guitar stays in tune all the way up the neck. I’ll play a bar chord or partial chord up the neck and check the tuning on all the notes and they’re all very close to perfect (that’s using my ultra sensitive Guitar Tool Kit tuner on my IPhone, which is a great tuner).  Awesome.

So, needless to say, I’m so happy I bought this guitar. It sounded great to begin with and it’s sounding even better. It’s exciting to think what it will be like in a year or so. Great job, Ken! Thank you so much.”

Bruce Ladd, Brevard, NC